Great Golf Fashion Show Idea

We all have been to Fashion Show luncheons that seem to go on forever. We watch outfits prance by on models that have never swung a tennis racquet or golf club. The cost of the luncheon is usually more than we really wanted to spend.

Well this fashion show was different! It was free! Two rows of chairs facing each other were lined up in a conference room that made a make shift "run way" down the middle. When you arrived you were handed a glass of wine or cold drink- no charge. It was scheduled on a Monday at 4:30. The purpose of this fashion show was to give immediate feedback to the pro shop buyer. People were encouraged to make comments or ask questions after each outfit was modeled. Due to economic times buyers at pro shops are being very selective. They do not want inventory left at that end of the season. They want to buy items that members really will wear. The pro shop buyer selected 7 outfits for the Fashion show. Perfect number- not too many! The outfits were modeled by members of the club. Each member was a different size-ranging from extra small to large. The model would comment on each item they were wearing. The questions from the audience were great! Does it come in an elastic waist? How deep are the pockets? What other colors are available? Are the skirts cut true to size? The combination of questions, comments, and overall interest in the outfits gave the buyer an idea what the members might purchase.

The best part of the afternoon was the raffle! Reasonably priced raffle tickets were sold when you first arrived. The raffle money went to a popular local charity. After each outfit was modeled someone passed around a basket while members were making comments about the clothes. If you wanted to "win" that outfit just modeled you put the ticket in the basket. The outfit you would win was the one the model wore. You needed to check the informational sheet to see the size of the outfit modeled.

This Fashion Show format would be great to use as a fund raiser, or a way to market clothes, jewelry, gifts, or other items for local stores. It was very inexpensive to host. The pro shop did donate each of the items that were raffled.


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