Wooden Racquet Tennis Tournament


Get out those wooden racquets, polyester tennis dresses and "whites" and put on a fun tournament for all levels! Recently we went to one of these events and thought what a great idea! The theme is easy to coordinate. Players who started playing tennis in the 60's and 70's might still have their old wooden racquets and press, white tennis sweaters, and polyester tennis dresses. If not there are plenty of wooden racquets found in any yard sale or "Treasure Chest" affiliated with your local dump. The coordinators of the event we attended found racquets for everyone! White tennis balls can be special ordered from any of tennis ball suppliers. Players can come dressed in their favorite era-from Ragtime to Disco. Whites are a must! To continue the Wooden Racquet theme choose food and drinks from bygone days. In addition to regular play have different competitions. Try hitting overheads with the small sweet spot! Think of other drills that would allow all level players participate. It is a great way to start or end a tennis season.
GOLFERS! Use the same theme but use wooden golf clubs, and dress in vintage clothes.

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