It's a Jungle out There Theme & several other ideas

Some of the following suggestions can be used for tennis tournaments also.


Recently I attended a Member Guest whose theme was "It's a Jungle Out There!" The invitations, signs, and menu had a "jungle" motif. The centerpiece was made up of 8 jungle animal head covers. The lion, tiger, giraffe, monkey etc were placed in the middle of the table facing out toward each golfer. Each woman chose their favorite head cover. This use of a tee gift as a centerpiece was a great way to save some money by not incurring an additional centerpiece cost.


-Another inexpensive theme to consider is "Happy Birthday!" Each hole celebrates a month and the golfer who was born in that particular month gets a special gift. The" gift" could be a "mulligan" to be used anywhere during the play of that hole. Perhaps one stroke could be taken off the total score of the Birthday Hole. Decorations are inexpensive and easy-balloons, party hats, goodie bags… The centerpiece on each table could be a small birthday cake with candles! What could be simpler!


Give each foursome a "special" ball. If it is Christmas use a red ball, if it is St. Patrick's Day use a green ball – be creative. Each foursome must return with the "special" ball. During the round each player must play with the "special" ball for an entire hole. That means that each player plays four holes with the "special" ball. The team can choose who plays the extra two holes. If the ball is lost during the round then that team is out of the competition. The strategy is to choose a competent player that can hit over water or keep it in play on troublesome holes. The team with the lowest Net Score on the "Special" Ball wins. (Hint: Make sure you have a unique ball that players might not have in their bag. You don't want to tempt anyone to replace their "special" ball.) You can decorate a white ball with special stickers or markers.


1950's Theme -Nancy from CT just emailed us this great idea for a 50's Theme! "We just held our member-guest day with a theme of "Rock Around the Course". The tees were decorated with 50s items, for example, poodle skirts, rotary phone, Elvis record album covers, old car photos, etc. The tee gift was a homemade CD of all oldies that we played during lunch. Lunch was hamburgers, milkshakes, fries and banana splits served in baskets. Prizes were all themed around clocks (Rock Around the Clock). To give the centerpieces away, we had a 50's trivia quiz with questions on music, politics, golf and television. The event got rave reviews and it wasn't that costly to put together. Hope that this might inspire others."

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