Bathmats on Cold Morning & more Ideas


After spending ten minutes looking for a birthday card for my husband, I walked away empty handed. The cards were too sappy, too silly or too sexist! As I was leaving I stopped and bought him a $2 scratch lottery ticket. After listening to his lecture about "nobody wins these things," he proceeded to scratch off two winning numbers and won ten dollars! So the next time you need to get a birthday or anniversary card just grab a lottery ticket. Even if they don't win, half the fun is the anticipation while "scratching!


We recently received an order with a gift note that said "Our flowers to you…When you wear this pendant, think of Rick." Historically, flowers have been a way to show sympathy and concern for a loved one who has died. However, this customer was creative enough to give a gift that will be a lasting reminder of their friendship. Although we sell sports jewelry we think this concept of giving a lasting memento is an excellent idea. So "instead of flowers" think of a shared activity or memory and send a keepsake gift. You can see some jewelry ideas at GOLF CHARMS AND PENDANTS.


On those cold mornings when the golf cart seats are freezing put a bathmat with a rubber backing on the seat. Put the backing face down on the seat so that it does not slip around. Now you and your partner will have nice warm "buns" as you play your round.


Fun golf game to play with players of different playing ability. On the scorecard record a DOT for every DRIVE that lands on the FAIRWAY. It does not matter if it is only 30 yards out! That player gets a DOT. Next, record everyone's PUTTS. At the end of the round add the DOTS & PUTTS. For example, Mary had 13 DOTS and 36 PUTTS. Subtract 13 from 36 for a TOTAL SCORE for Mary of 23. Margaret had 10 DOTS and 40 PUTTS for a TOTAL SCORE of 30. Mary won since her total score (23) was lower than Margaret's (30)! You decide the prize!


With so many tee boxes at different clubs it is nice to help identify which tee box is being used for a guest. Decorate each tee box with some type of decoration so the member and guest can drive right up and be ready to hit. On CLOSEST TO THE PIN Holes the actual prize could be placed at the Tee Box. For example, if the prize was a director's chair from the club the chair could be all set up. It would be great to keep the theme of the tournament at each tee box but flower pots, balloons, or little basket of treats, or coolers with drinks would be fun.
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