Susan B. Komen Ideas


Fill a bucket or basket with goodies for bath /shower. Add hand cream, talc powder and other small items, wrap with clear plastic and tie up with an attractive bow. Place a beach chair, towel and fuzzy slippers at each tournament hole eg. Longest Drive… Send out invitations ahead to give info to Guests. Call us for more details. 800-533-3653


There are so many fun ideas to incorporate in the Pink Ribbon tournaments. Here are a couple that might be new to you: Pink Ball

Each 4 some is given a Pink Ball with their names on it. That Pink Ball must be returned at the end of the round. (Putting the names on the ball keeps everyone honest!) Each player must play with the Pink Ball at least twice during the round. At the awards all the "returned" Pink Balls can be put in a basket. The foursome that is pulled can win a "Play with the Pro" round –or at least a few holes.

Plant the Pink Flag Everyone is given a Pink Flag with their Name and Perfect Net Score. As you play the round you keep a running total of your score. When your total score reaches the combination of your Handicap plus your actual score you Plant the Flag! If you have a 20 handicap and the course Par is 71 when you reach 91 you plant the flag. The person who plants the flag at the furthest point on the course is the winner!
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