Give us Your Ideas


You have heard a "PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS." We will give you 10% for your "IDEAS!"
We get our best ideas from you our customers. So we are offering you a chance to get a 10% from us for any idea that we use in our newsletter or on our website. Some of the ideas in the Newsletters are from our staff but the best ones are from fellow golfers or tennis players! We will give you a 10% off your use toward any purchase in our store.


1. A few years ago one of our customers suggested making the #2 Club into Bag Tags. It seems men wanted to join the fun of the #2 Club but didn't want to wear a tac pin. We designed the #2 CLUB BAG TAG which has been a great seller.

2. Try this alternative to Closest to the Line. Since VALENTINE'S DAY is around the corner have the pro paint a Heart in the middle of the fairway. Everyone who hits their drive in the heart gets a prize. This simple idea can be used for St. Patrick's Day-a shamrock, or a Flag for 4th of July. You get the idea.

3. A customer called and ordered a gift to be sent to her friend. The gift note said, "When you wear this think of all the good times we shared on the golf course." Apparetly, her friend's husband had died. As we talked the customer explained she really wanted to give something that lasted longer than flowers. She picked a golf pendant. Haven't we all felt that flowers are too fleeting for the memories we have shared with our friends.

Now it is your turn to send us those ideas! Simply email us your thoughts to customerservice@exclusivesportsjewelry.com, contact us through our Home Page exclusivesportsjewelry.com or give us a call at 1-800-533-3653! Make sure you include your phone number in case we have questions. We are always looking for golf and tennis themes for tournaments.
Meanwhile, check out our website if you need any prizes or gifts for upcoming events.


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