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We are looking for ideas on how your group celebrates Birdies. Some clubs have Birdie Trees in the locker room. What does your club do? Send in your idea and if we use it in our Newsletter we will give you a $50 gift certificate.


Here is an easy scoring system. Every time someone lands on the Fairway the player ADDS one point. Every time the player gets in a sand trap she SUBTRACTS two points. If it takes a player two shots to get out of a trap SUBTRACT an additional two points. The highest score at the end of the round wins.

Fling It!

Ever been a sand trap with a huge bunker overhang -impossible to get out?? Well, "Fling It." It is comparable to a Mulligan only you use it when in a sand trap. Just pick up the ball and fling it out of the sand trap no closer to the hole! Establish the "Fling It" rules ahead. For example, one "Fling It" a round. $1 a Fling. Money goes to bar bill afterwards, or keep a "Fling It" chest to use the money for an end of the season treat.


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