Tennis Favors/Bug Problem?


Have you ever forgotten to move your ballmarker back to its original position after moving it out of another player's path when on the green? Try this easy reminder technique. When you are marking your ball turn your ball marker UPSIDE DOWN. When you go back to replace your ball the upside down marker will remind you to move your ball back to its original position.!


Tired of gnats, mosquitoes and pesky "no see ums" ruining your barbecue, or outdoor events. Place fans around the area and create your own breeze. A tall rotating fan works best but any fan that keeps the air moving works also. No more smelly candles or sticky sprays.


What to do with all those old tennis balls? Simply cut out the top of the tennis ball, insert some type of filler-Easter basket grass or colorful tissue paper. Put in candies, gum, chapstick,coupon from local shop or proshop whatever little favors you have. Wrap with clear plastic so tennis ball stays upright. Tie up with a ribbon, add a name tag, and use as a favor or placecard.

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